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New York



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anne  abt. 1856New York I193 Vanderbilt 
2 Allen, Annie/Anna  abt. 1853New York I214 Vanderbilt 
3 Allen, Daniel Dexter  abt. 1846New York I216 Vanderbilt 
4 Allen, Ethelinda  abt. 1848New York I228 Vanderbilt 
5 Allen, Franklin  abt. 1838New York I211 Vanderbilt 
6 Allen, Harry  abt. 1842New York I213 Vanderbilt 
7 Allen, Vanderbilt  1839New York I212 Vanderbilt 
8 Allen, William Barton  abt. 1835New York I226 Vanderbilt 
9 Barker, Adella  abt. 1859New York I507 Vanderbilt 
10 Barker, Oakley Smith  27 Mar 1855New York I509 Vanderbilt 
11 Burden, F.F.   I315 Vanderbilt 
12 Crawford, Everett  abt. 1879New York I253 Vanderbilt 
13 Crawford, Harden  abt. 1872New York I252 Vanderbilt 
14 Crawford, Robert  abt. 1871New York I251 Vanderbilt 
15 Cross, Cornelius Vanderbilt  abt. 1835New York I333 Vanderbilt 
16 Cross, Ethelinda  1847New York I336 Vanderbilt 
17 Cross, Norman Franklin  1842New York I335 Vanderbilt 
18 Cross, Sophia Vanderbilt  1839New York I334 Vanderbilt 
19 Field, Frederick Vanderbilt  14 Apr 1905New York I255 Vanderbilt 
20 Field, Marjorie Lila  03 Apr 1910New York I259 Vanderbilt 
21 Field, William Osgood  30 Jan 1904New York I254 Vanderbilt 
22 Twombly, Alice H.  abt. 1847New York I332 Vanderbilt 
23 Vanderbilt, Consuelo  1877New York I131 Vanderbilt 
24 Vanderbilt, Cornelius II  27 Nov 1843New York I63 Vanderbilt 
25 Vanderbilt, Cornelius IV  Apr 1898New York I80 Vanderbilt 
26 Vanderbilt, Cornelius Jeremiah  abt. 1830New York I47 Vanderbilt 
27 Vanderbilt, Eliza  1828New York I41 Vanderbilt 
28 Vanderbilt, Eliza "Lila"  20 Sep 1860New York I69 Vanderbilt 
29 Vanderbilt, Ellen  31 Jul 1838New York I184 Vanderbilt 
30 Vanderbilt, Emily  1823New York I40 Vanderbilt 
31 Vanderbilt, Ethelinda  08 Mar 1818New York I38 Vanderbilt 
32 Vanderbilt, Frances  abt. 1829New York I44 Vanderbilt 
33 Vanderbilt, Frederick William  02 Feb 1858New York I67 Vanderbilt 
34 Vanderbilt, George  abt. 1839New York I48 Vanderbilt 
35 Vanderbilt, George Washington II  1864New York I70 Vanderbilt 
36 Vanderbilt, Gertrude  09 Jan 1873New York I75 Vanderbilt 
37 Vanderbilt, Grace  Sep 1899New York I81 Vanderbilt 
38 Vanderbilt, Jacob  17 Jan 1750New York I21 Vanderbilt 
39 Vanderbilt, Katherine Juliette  1834New York I46 Vanderbilt 
40 Vanderbilt, Maria Elecia  1834New York I45 Vanderbilt 
41 Vanderbilt, Marie Louise  1835New York I43 Vanderbilt 
42 Vanderbilt, Phebe Jane  07 Nov 1814New York I37 Vanderbilt 
43 Vanderbilt, Philip  abt. 1866New York I208 Vanderbilt 
44 Vanderbilt, Sophia Johnson  1830New York I42 Vanderbilt 
45 Vanderbilt, William  abt. 1879New York I209 Vanderbilt 
46 Vanderbilt, William Kissam  1849New York I65 Vanderbilt 
47 Vanderbilt, William Kissam II  02 Mar 1878New York I132 Vanderbilt 
48 Wilson, Grace  Oct 1870New York I79 Vanderbilt 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balsan, Louis-Jacques  1956New York I138 Vanderbilt 
2 Elderd, Emma Matilda  06 Jan 1930New York I373 Vanderbilt 
3 Fair, Virginia Graham  1935New York I139 Vanderbilt 
4 Gwynne, Alice Claypoole  22 Apr 1934New York I71 Vanderbilt 
5 Harriman, Anne H.  20 Apr 1940New York I134 Vanderbilt 
6 Horton, Burton Wilson  1908New York I383 Vanderbilt 
7 Johnson, Sophia  17 Aug 1868New York I36 Vanderbilt 
8 Torrance, Daniel  19 Nov 1884New York I52 Vanderbilt 
9 Vanderbilt, Cornelius II  12 Sep 1899New York I63 Vanderbilt 
10 Vanderbilt, Cornelius Jeremiah  02 Apr 1882New York I47 Vanderbilt 
11 Vanderbilt, Ethelinda  25 Feb 1889New York I38 Vanderbilt 
12 Vanderbilt, Frederick William  30 Jun 1938New York I67 Vanderbilt 
13 Vanderbilt, Gertrude  18 Apr 1942New York I75 Vanderbilt 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Vanderbilt, Cornelius III  New York I74 Vanderbilt 
2 Vanderbilt, Eliza "Lila"  13 Jul 1936New York I69 Vanderbilt 
3 Vanderbilt, Florence Adele  14 Apr 1952New York I68 Vanderbilt 
4 Webb, William Seward Sr.  New York I168 Vanderbilt 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barker / Moffett  12 Oct 1913New York F228 Vanderbilt 
2 Hammond / Sloane  05 Apr 1899New York F69 Vanderbilt 
3 Ryerss / Stout  29 Sep 1779New York F249 Vanderbilt 
4 Sands / Sheldon  18 Oct 1910New York F111 Vanderbilt 
5 Szechenyl / Vanderbilt  27 Jan 1908New York F29 Vanderbilt 
6 Twombly / Vanderbilt  21 Nov 1877New York F73 Vanderbilt 
7 Vanderbilt / Fair  26 Mar 1899New York F58 Vanderbilt 
8 Webb / Vanderbilt  20 Dec 1881New York F75 Vanderbilt 
9 White / Vanderbilt  03 Nov 1920New York F66 Vanderbilt