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Columbus County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bullard, Alice Mae  04 Feb 1891Columbus County, North Carolina I5 Tyner 
2 Bullard, Bronnie  11 Jul 1911Columbus County, North Carolina I80 Tyner 
3 Bullard, James Calvin  abt. 1873Columbus County, North Carolina I48 Tyner 
4 Bullard, Mary Letitia  21 Oct 1915Columbus County, North Carolina I82 Tyner 
5 Gore, Joseph Stanly  Mar 1855Columbus County, North Carolina I3 JWilliams 
6 Inman, Magnolia  Columbus County, North Carolina I87 Tyner 
7 Koonce, D.H.   I1155 Koonce Surname Project 
8 Koonce, E.S.   I1157 Koonce Surname Project 
9 Koonce, S.G.   I1156 Koonce Surname Project 
10 Koonce, S.G. Jr.   I1158 Koonce Surname Project 
11 Lennon, Alton Clifton  20 Dec 1944Columbus County, North Carolina I3014 Main 
12 Lennon, baby  14 Mar 1926Columbus County, North Carolina I3207 Main 
13 Lennon, Catherine  Sep 1924Columbus County, North Carolina I4582 Main 
14 Lennon, Daron  13 Jul 1957Columbus County, North Carolina I2314 Main 
15 Lennon, M.   I3015 Main 
16 Lennon, Robert "Bob"  Apr 1815Columbus County, North Carolina I3213 Main 
17 Lennon, Willis  Feb 1849Columbus County, North Carolina I1278 Main 
18 McMillian, Mable Lee  25 DecemberColumbus County, North Carolina I5128 Main 
19 Powell, Sarah Lee  18 Dec 1935Columbus County, North Carolina I2313 Main 
20 Robinson, B.L.   I3781 Main 
21 Robinson, D.L.   I3787 Main 
22 Robinson, H.M.   I3782 Main 
23 Robinson, J.O.   I3783 Main 
24 Robinson, Maria Florence  11 Feb 1918Columbus County, North Carolina I3032 Main 
25 Robinson, Mary Jane  08 Aug 1948Columbus County, North Carolina I3784 Main 
26 Robinson, P.L.   I3785 Main 
27 Robinson, Richard  11 Feb 1918Columbus County, North Carolina I3031 Main 
28 Robinson, R.   I3786 Main 
29 Shaw, Fannie Jane  18 Jul 1870Columbus County, North Carolina I56 Tyner 
30 Tyner, C.M.   I10 Tyner 
31 Tyner, Louise  20 Sep 1913Columbus County, North Carolina I18 Tyner 
32 Tyner, M.S.   I15 Tyner 
33 Tyner, M.L.   I14 Tyner 
34 Tyner, N.F.   I16 Tyner 
35 Tyner, N.J.   I12 Tyner 
36 Tyner, P.A.   I17 Tyner 
37 Tyner, T.A.   I3 Tyner 
38 Tyner, W.M.   I11 Tyner 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nurney, L.C.  21 Jun 1950Columbus County, North Carolina I1329 NC Families  


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mariah J.  Columbus County, North Carolina I2 Lennon 
2 Bullard, Martha  17 Mar 1936Columbus County, North Carolina I49 Tyner 
3 Edmund, Olivia  19 Oct 1937Columbus County, North Carolina I77 Tyner 
4 Lennon, Catherine  11 Sep 1924Columbus County, North Carolina I4582 Main 
5 Lennon, Haynes  Columbus County, North Carolina I1 Lennon 
6 Lennon, Willis  01 Mar 1936Columbus County, North Carolina I1278 Main 
7 Shepherd, Dorcas  01 Dec 1937Columbus County, North Carolina I93 Tyner 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bullard / Bowen  08 Oct 1908Columbus County, North Carolina F24 Tyner 
2 Bullard / Edmund  06 Sep 1906Columbus County, North Carolina F29 Tyner 
3 Bullard / Kellihan  18 Oct 1885Columbus County, North Carolina F26 Tyner 
4 Bullard / Shaw  15 Jun 1905Columbus County, North Carolina F17 Tyner 
5 Bullard / Stephens  24 Dec 1946Columbus County, North Carolina F19 Tyner 
6 Bullard / Wilson  29 Oct 1919Columbus County, North Carolina F14 Tyner 
7 Hill / Lennon  4 Jan 1911Columbus County, North Carolina F429 Main 
8 Lennon / Lennon  1860Columbus County, North Carolina F407 Main 
9 Lennon / Lennon  30 Mar 1882Columbus County, North Carolina F253 Main 
10 Lennon / Lennon  18 May 1892Columbus County, North Carolina F416 Main 
11 Lennon / Thompson  17 Feb 1876Columbus County, North Carolina F421 Main 
12 Lennon / Williamson  8 Jan 1881Columbus County, North Carolina F413 Main 
13 Robinson / Lennon  25 May 1905Columbus County, North Carolina F331 Main 
14 Robinson / Toon   F1039 Main 
15 Sibbett / Shepherd  23 Mar 1871Columbus County, North Carolina F33 Tyner 
16 Williams / Britt  07 Sep 1905Columbus County, North Carolina F39 Tyner