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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amanda  abt. 1884Mississippi I2997 Koonce Surname Project 
2 Celey  Jul 1873Mississippi I2987 Koonce Surname Project 
3 Clara  abt. 1878Mississippi I3431 Main 
4 Kinna  approx. 1845Mississippi I709 Main 
5 Marie  abt. 1917Mississippi I3428 Main 
6 Mary A.  abt. 1887Mississippi I2993 Koonce Surname Project 
7 Mary Elizabeth  May 1872Mississippi I11 Jones Family Tree 
8 Minnie  abt. 1876Mississippi I2966 Main 
9 Rachel  abt. 1875Mississippi I3579 Main 
10 Sarah  17 Jun 1853Mississippi I2982 Koonce Surname Project 
11 Blanchard, Scott  Abt 1876Mississippi I629 Wilfred Tree 2015 
12 Blanchard, Scott  Abt 1876Mississippi I20 Wilfred Tree 2017 
13 Carthan, John  abt. 1908Mississippi I3427 Main 
14 Chandler, Elizabeth Ann  10 Jan 1850Mississippi I905 Koonce Surname Project 
15 Chandler, Louisa  18 Jan 1844Mississippi I877 Koonce Surname Project 
16 Evans, Mary Alice  29 Jul 1897Mississippi I288 Blount County (TNGenWeb) 
17 Ferguson, Calvin  Aug 1895Mississippi I15 Jones Family Tree 
18 Ferguson, Cannister  Apr 1897Mississippi I16 Jones Family Tree 
19 Ferguson, Carrie  Feb 1891Mississippi I13 Jones Family Tree 
20 Ferguson, Emma  Nov 1889Mississippi I12 Jones Family Tree 
21 Ferguson, Lovand  abt. 1905Mississippi I10 Jones Family Tree 
22 Ferguson, McKinnis  May 1892Mississippi I14 Jones Family Tree 
23 Ferguson, William  Feb 1865Mississippi I7 Jones Family Tree 
24 Harrison, Zenobia Ann  26 Oct 1856Mississippi I653 Koonce Surname Project 
25 Hart, Charles W.  23 Aug 1863Mississippi I999 Koonce Surname Project 
26 Hart, John G.  abt. 1848Mississippi I998 Koonce Surname Project 
27 Hart, Thomas Lewis  06 Jul 1857Mississippi I1000 Koonce Surname Project 
28 Hart, William R.  abt. 1846Mississippi I997 Koonce Surname Project 
29 Jones, Alma E.  abt. 1895Mississippi I3588 Main 
30 Jones, Charles  abt. 1882Mississippi I3457 Main 
31 Jones, Charles Jr.  abt. 1904Mississippi I3591 Main 
32 Jones, Esther  abt. 1902Mississippi I3590 Main 
33 Jones, Hilliard  abt. 1899Mississippi I3589 Main 
34 Jones, Lillie Bell  14 Oct 1923Mississippi I3455 Main 
35 Jones, Melissa  abt. 1909Mississippi I3593 Main 
36 Jones, Ora  abt. 1906Mississippi I3592 Main 
37 Koonce, Adell  Jul 1895Mississippi I2989 Koonce Surname Project 
38 Koonce, Alan  abt. 1868Mississippi I2976 Koonce Surname Project 
39 Koonce, Berthy  abt. 1902Mississippi I2994 Koonce Surname Project 
40 Koonce, Dollie  abt. 1860Mississippi I2972 Koonce Surname Project 
41 Koonce, George R.  Oct 1885Mississippi I2986 Koonce Surname Project 
42 Koonce, Hessie L.  abt. 1904Mississippi I2995 Koonce Surname Project 
43 Koonce, Hiram M.  Feb 1870Mississippi I2977 Koonce Surname Project 
44 Koonce, Hoppie E.  abt. 1855Mississippi I2970 Koonce Surname Project 
45 Koonce, Irvin  Oct 1891Mississippi I2985 Koonce Surname Project 
46 Koonce, James C.  abt. 1856Mississippi I2971 Koonce Surname Project 
47 Koonce, John  Oct 1877Mississippi I2981 Koonce Surname Project 
48 Koonce, John M.  06 Apr 1844Mississippi I2965 Koonce Surname Project 
49 Koonce, Junior  Jun 1893Mississippi I2988 Koonce Surname Project 
50 Koonce, Lee  abt. 1864Mississippi I2974 Koonce Surname Project 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lee / Koonce   F1017 Koonce Surname Project 
2 Shields / Ferguson  03 Sep 1944Mississippi F114 Blount County (TNGenWeb)