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Richmond County, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christmas, F.D.   I3316 Main 
2 Christmas, Jasper Leonard Jr.  29 Apr 1936Richmond County, North Carolina I3309 Main 
3 Christmas, S.J.   I3314 Main 
4 Fry, E. Sr.   I2454 Main 
5 Frye, Alfred Edward Sr.  16 Jan 1928Richmond County, North Carolina I2418 Main 
6 Frye, D.   I2445 Main 
7 Frye, E.M.   I2447 Main 
8 Frye, E.B.   I2452 Main 
9 Frye, H.L.   I2450 Main 
10 Frye, O.M.   I2449 Main 
11 Frye, T.S.   I3417 Main 
12 Frye, W.J.".   I2453 Main 
13 Hinson, A.H.   I3648 Main 
14 Hinson, Charley  12 Oct 1917Richmond County, North Carolina I3654 Main 
15 Hinson, Floyd  07 Apr 1914Richmond County, North Carolina I3652 Main 
16 Hinson, G.   I3655 Main 
17 Hinson, G.   I3657 Main 
18 Hinson, Linwood Sr.  abt. 1927Richmond County, North Carolina I3646 Main 
19 Hinson, Mason Lee Sr.  04 Mar 1916Richmond County, North Carolina I3653 Main 
20 Hinson, Mildred  abt. 1929Richmond County, North Carolina I3659 Main 
21 Hinson, Sue Ella  13 Dec 1930Richmond County, North Carolina I3696 Main 
22 Hinson, Wilene  23 Sep 1921Richmond County, North Carolina I3656 Main 
23 Hinson, William Clifton  11 Aug 1924Richmond County, North Carolina I3658 Main 
24 Little, Lilly  23 Nov 1887Richmond County, North Carolina I3651 Main 
25 McBride, French  04 Jul 1882Richmond County, North Carolina I3465 Main 
26 McRae, Ellen  abt. 1845Richmond County, North Carolina I2538 Main 
27 Sneed, Hazel  24 Dec 1914Richmond County, North Carolina I3065 Main 
28 Sneed, James Hurley  19 Mar 1935Richmond County, North Carolina I4882 Main 
29 Sneed, Peggy Ann  31 Jan 1937Richmond County, North Carolina I4883 Main 
30 Steel, Rosa  Oct 1863Richmond County, North Carolina I3464 Main 
31 Steele, Benjamin  22 Jun 1886Richmond County, North Carolina I3238 Main 
32 Steele, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1883Richmond County, North Carolina I3235 Main 
33 Steele, Hettie  20 Jul 1898Richmond County, North Carolina I3248 Main 
34 Steele, I.   I3301 Main 
35 Steele, John Calvin  25 Mar 1916Richmond County, North Carolina I3250 Main 
36 Steele, L.L.   I3303 Main 
37 Townsend, Adam  Oct 1874Richmond County, North Carolina I2537 Main 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pankey, Jake  Apr 1928Richmond County, North Carolina I2608 Main 
2 Steele, Martha Jane  31 Mar 1956Richmond County, North Carolina I2871 Main 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellerbe, Alice  31 Aug 1929Richmond County, North Carolina I3231 Main 
2 Leak, Berda  08 Mar 1960Richmond County, North Carolina I2548 Main 
3 McBride, Edmond  01 Apr 1951Richmond County, North Carolina I3468 Main 
4 McBride, French  12 Feb 1966Richmond County, North Carolina I3465 Main 
5 McBride, Rosa Mae  08 Apr 1956Richmond County, North Carolina I3475 Main 
6 Nicholson, Hester  04 Nov 1916Richmond County, North Carolina I3242 Main 
7 Reid, Wincie Lou Daisy  03 Oct 1948Richmond County, North Carolina I2422 Main 
8 Sneed, Zollie  29 Jun 1969Richmond County, North Carolina I3059 Main 
9 Steel, Rosa  16 Jun 1952Richmond County, North Carolina I3464 Main 
10 Steele, Benjamin  23 May 1963Richmond County, North Carolina I3238 Main 
11 Steele, Jethro  25 Jul 1965Richmond County, North Carolina I3261 Main