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Washington County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barkley, L.M.   I1057 Main 
2 Belcher, D.L.   I1326 Main 
3 Biggs, James Thomas  30 Jan 1904Washington County, North Carolina I900 Main 
4 Biggs, J.H.   I1358 Main 
5 Biggs, Robert Wilson  7 Sep 1939Washington County, North Carolina I1360 Main 
6 Biggs, Rudolph  9 Apr 1932Washington County, North Carolina I901 Main 
7 Blount, A.M.   I1834 Main 
8 Blount, A.B.   I1833 Main 
9 Blount, Benjamin "Bennie"  25 Sep 1923Washington County, North Carolina I1760 Main 
10 Blount, C.   I1835 Main 
11 Blount, James Dimus  21 Aug 1919Washington County, North Carolina I1759 Main 
12 Blount, Martha Jane  8 Aug 1917Washington County, North Carolina I1758 Main 
13 Boone, James Shedrick  14 January 1926Washington County, North Carolina I3485 Main 
14 Cherry, Christopher Columbus  09 April 1936Washington County, North Carolina I2719 Main 
15 Cherry, E.L.   I2725 Main 
16 Cherry, Hilda Gray  15 December 1937Washington County, North Carolina I2723 Main 
17 Cherry, L.   I1071 Main 
18 Cherry, M.L.   I2730 Main 
19 Cherry, R.   I1073 Main 
20 Cherry, S.   I2726 Main 
21 Cherry, Theaster  20 December 1932Washington County, North Carolina I2722 Main 
22 Cherry, T.   I2727 Main 
23 Cherry, T.   I1072 Main 
24 Cherry, W.   I1311 Main 
25 Cherry, Y.   I1075 Main 
26 Cooper, John  Washington County, North Carolina I2993 Main 
27 Gee, Nathaniel  2 July 1922Washington County, North Carolina I869 Main 
28 Gee, William Daniel  27 May 1926Washington County, North Carolina I2093 Main 
29 Hedgebeth, E.P.   I2387 Main 
30 Hines, Chester  28 Jan 1930Washington County, North Carolina I707 Main 
31 Hines, L.L.   I2913 Main 
32 Hines, Mabel Virginia  16 March 1933Washington County, North Carolina I2910 Main 
33 Horton, C. Jr.   I2383 Main 
34 Horton, Mable  22 Jan 1923Washington County, North Carolina I2374 Main 
35 McNair, Annie Mariah  27 Jan 1918Washington County, North Carolina I912 Main 
36 McNair, Charles Edison  03 Sep 1934Washington County, North Carolina I2104 Main 
37 McNair, Cleophus Jr.  25 Jan 1941Washington County, North Carolina I1051 Main 
38 McNair, C.L.   I2108 Main 
39 McNair, George Henry  17 Dec 1922Washington County, North Carolina I1042 Main 
40 McNair, George Washington  4 Aug 1890Washington County, North Carolina I753 Main 
41 McNair, Hazel Viola  13 Aug 1911Washington County, North Carolina I807 Main 
42 McNair, I.   I2379 Main 
43 McNair, Isabella Odessa  4 Feb 1904Washington County, North Carolina I748 Main 
44 McNair, J.L.   I4969 Main 
45 McNair, James Edward  5 December 1913Washington County, North Carolina I1039 Main 
46 McNair, John Howard  29 Sep 1919Washington County, North Carolina I788 Main 
47 McNair, Mabel Loglen  27 Oct 1915Washington County, North Carolina I917 Main 
48 McNair, M.E.   I2103 Main 
49 McNair, N.J.   I2247 Main 
50 McNair, O.E.   I471 Main 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boston, Catherine  10 Apr 1902Washington County, North Carolina I933 Main 
2 Hines, Raymond Undell  18 Sep 1988Washington County, North Carolina I704 Main 
3 McNair, James Edward  03 August 2001Washington County, North Carolina I1039 Main 
4 McNair, Rufus M. Jr.  26 November 1908Washington County, North Carolina I719 Main 
5 Moore, Montrose  01 Jul 1981Washington County, North Carolina I2243 Main 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blount, Raymond  05 Mar 1967Washington County, North Carolina I1839 Main 
2 Brown, Noah Mark Jr.  23 Nov 1956Washington County, North Carolina I4918 Main 
3 Hill, John T.  17 Feb 1930Washington County, North Carolina I271 Main 
4 Hines, Leora  Washington County, North Carolina I2911 Main 
5 McNair, Herbert  04 Apr 1929Washington County, North Carolina I799 Main 
6 McNair, Shadric H.  15 March 1923Washington County, North Carolina I775 Main 
7 Thomas, James Robert  28 Feb 1960Washington County, North Carolina I1771 Main 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Moore / Johnston  1863Washington County, North Carolina F273 Main