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North Carolina



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arrington, Archibald H.  abt. 1859North Carolina I18 Wimberly 
2 Arrington, Archibald Hunter  abt. 1810North Carolina I13 Wimberly 
3 Arrington, George Wimberly  abt. 1865North Carolina I21 Wimberly 
4 Arrington, James M.  abt. 1856North Carolina I16 Wimberly 
5 Arrington, John P.  abt. 1851North Carolina I15 Wimberly 
6 Arrington, Joseph  abt. 1867North Carolina I22 Wimberly 
7 Arrington, Mary  abt. 1849North Carolina I14 Wimberly 
8 Arrington, Robert  abt. 1863North Carolina I20 Wimberly 
9 Arrington, Samuel S.  1860North Carolina I19 Wimberly 
10 Arrington, Thomas Mann  26 Apr 1857North Carolina I17 Wimberly 
11 Daw, Thomas L.  abt. 1831North Carolina I172 Wimberly 
12 Jones, Clarinda  27 Jan 1813North Carolina I91 Wimberly 
13 Lawrence, Martha  04 Jul 1838North Carolina I8 Wimberly 
14 Powell, Margaret Ann "Peggy"  14 Jan 1810North Carolina I2 Wimberly 
15 Whitfield, Frances "Fannie" J.  01 Jul 1836North Carolina I23 Wimberly 
16 Wimberly, Annie L.  08 Jan 1865North Carolina I11 Wimberly 
17 Wimberly, Catherine Eliza "Kate"  abt. 1834North Carolina I5 Wimberly 
18 Wimberly, Charlotte  abt. 1868North Carolina I29 Wimberly 
19 Wimberly, Fannie? H.  abt. 1863North Carolina I27 Wimberly 
20 Wimberly, George  abt. 1862North Carolina I26 Wimberly 
21 Wimberly, John L.  abt. 1868North Carolina I12 Wimberly 
22 Wimberly, Joseph W.  02 Apr 1829North Carolina I4 Wimberly 
23 Wimberly, Kate  abt. 1859North Carolina I24 Wimberly 
24 Wimberly, Louisa  1869North Carolina I30 Wimberly 
25 Wimberly, Lucy A.  abt; 1862North Carolina I9 Wimberly 
26 Wimberly, M.A.  abt. 1838North Carolina I6 Wimberly 
27 Wimberly, Maggie P.  abt. 1863North Carolina I10 Wimberly 
28 Wimberly, Margaret  1860North Carolina I25 Wimberly 
29 Wimberly, Robert D.  abt. 1842North Carolina I7 Wimberly 
30 Wimberly, Robert D.  abt. 1865North Carolina I28 Wimberly 
31 Wimberly, Watford  14 Sep 1810North Carolina I90 Wimberly 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Diggs, Robert  abt. 1789North Carolina I54 Wimberly 
2 Powell, Margaret Ann "Peggy"  19 Sep 1876North Carolina I2 Wimberly