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Dr. James Alonzo Napier

Male 1884 - 1939


Dr. Napier is Guest of Honor

Dr. Napier is Guest of Honor
Chicago Defender, 15 Jul 1913, page 1

Thursday evening, June 12th, the Dental Association of Chicago tendered a banquet to Dr. Napier of Nashville, Tennessee. The doctor is a lecturer on the faculty of Dentistry at Meharry Medical College. While the social spirit prevailed, yet dentists, like doctors, whenever they assemble avail themselves of the opportunity of exchanging ideas and opinions upon some scientific subject in the profession. Such discussions as were had upon this occasion are highly profitable. Dr. Charles E. Bentley was present and gave the men of his profession an address that was punctuated by evidence of his experience. Dr. Bentley leads the race in the profession of dentistry, just as Dr. Daniel H. Williams leads the race in medicine and surgery. Every one present showed signs of progress, and emphasized the fact that the man delved into obstruse theories and deal with the intricate phenomena around which science has networked itself into a phantasmagoria of beauty and splendor engaging the best thought of the century. The abscess of a pulp, while vague in its meaning to some, was familiar to others, elicited hearty discussion. Authors were cited to prove the condition while others contended that most authors’ statements were a mass of conflicting opinions and errors. The abundance of proof that the race was capable in the profession was forcibly demonstrated by the readiness and ease of the great flow of eloquence from the lips of every speaker.

“Meetings of this kind,” said Dr. Napier, “are very rare among professional men of the race. I have witnessed a greater exhibition of scientific opinion based mostly, let me say upon actual practice, during these short moments of the social gathering of scientific men that ever falls to the lot of white dentists to witness. I thoroughly appreciate your invitation and the engaging subject and more than all, I enjoy the close fellow feeling which so radiantly manifests among you.” Dr. Napier is a nephew of the Hon. J.C. Napier our present register of the United States Treasury at Washington, D.C. He is a replica of Southern nobility, with all its aristocratic traits modulated and toned to perfect simplicity. He is possessed of the sprit of sacrifice and devotes his vacation to advancing himself in his field of dental research by matriculating to some one of the best dental schools that he might all the better reflect sound and advanced knowledge upon his class at Meharry Medical College through diffusing the student-body with all the up-to-date methods of practice in dentistry.

Dr. A.C. Barnes, the president of the Dental Association, taking leave for his vacation at Wilberforce, where he is an officer of his Alumni, was also a recipient of much of the honor of the occasion. After being introduced by Dr. Theodore R. Mozee who paid a glowing tribute to Dr. Barnes’ effort along all professional lines, emphasizing in his hearty zeal and dignified methods in matters pertaining to the welfare one of the dentists from the financial and business point of view.

[Note from TK – there is more to this article, but it is unrelated to Napier]

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