A New Cousin?

Since my last post a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been quite busy.  I’ve finished the curriculum phase of my MPH degree and have now moved into the research phase. This means that I no longer am in class every day for three hours a day + working + homework + family +  hobbies. Whew! I am glad to have made it this far!

This does mean though that I should gradually start having more time for genealogy and I’m gearing up for that full force.  I have a number of small projects underway that I look forward to working on, plus I’m developing a surname specific site for Koonce genealogy.

One of the most interesting things I’ve had go on recently though is being contacted by a possible new cousin!  One of my brickwalls has been with one of my 2nd great-grandmothers and figuring out who her parents are.  Etta Lennon may have been the daughter of Council Lennon of Columbus County, North Carolina.  If she was, then I would be Karen’s 2nd half-cousin twice removed.   I believe her grandfather to be a half-brother to my 2nd great-grandmother.

We are hoping that by working with each other, we can make further connections and reveal more information about the Lennon family.  Wish us luck!