I’ve Been Referenced!

After my previous post on the maps from HistoricMapWorks, Mr. Hillenbrand of the Upstate NY Genealogy Blog, he wrote me and said he’d blogged about me! How cool. Thanks much!

Actually, using the blog as my research log was the primary reason that I started it. I do enjoy the advantage of having everything online and searcheable, and some of what I’ve posted has led distant relatives to find me. I also make use of the blog for writing brief sketches, stories, etc. from time to time about family members and find it a much more digestable way of publishing than thinking about the seemingly insurmountable task of writing a formal book. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Albert Neely – 1867-1919

For my project on Mt. Ararat Cemetery, I’ve now added two more people in addition to Nelson G. Merry. I found his wife’s death certificate, Mary Jones Merry and though I saw no headstone for her, it does indicate that she is buried in the cemetery as well.

I have also just added Albert Neely 1867-1919. I located his death certificate listed in the TN Death Index for that year, so will likely pull his death certificate during my next trip to the State Archives.

I notice that his tombstone has “K of P” on it – I wonder if this stands for Knights of Pythias?