So far, the only genealogy society that I am a member of is the Washington County Genealogy Society of North Carolina. This is the county that my maternal grandmother is from. I have been a member for a little over a year now and have enjoyed the ability to network with other genealogists there.

As I was working on the newspaper indexing, I came across a blurb that caught my interest and it prompted me to suggest an article for their quarterly newsletter. I wrote a short article about how patents can be a neat glimpse into the life of a person. A quick online search yielded few other posts or information about the genealogical merits of patents, but I did find a post by one of my fellow genealogy bloggers about a patent he found for one of his ancestors.

In fact, I did some searching in RootsWeb for another Plymouth, NC resident that had a patent and sent it to the person who was responsible for the gedcom. He was very kind and appreciated that I had sent it to him, as he had not been aware of it. I’ll wait until it is officially published before posting it here, but I expect it to be out in the next three months!