Come Browse My Genealogy Digital Bookshelf

Approximately two years ago, I created an online site to help me organize all the great books and resources I was finding on the Internet Archive’s website. I call it my Genealogy Digital Bookshelf. I have been posting to it sporadically, but have been using it pretty regularly as my genealogy research takes me from state to state. 

Recently, I decided to freshen-up the site and will start posting to it more regularly.   I updated the theme, and added several pictures of libraries – just to make it feel more “authentic.”    🙂

I encourage you to follow along – you never know what may turn out to be of interest.  There is an RSS Feed, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.  Visit the site – look on the right sidebar and choose. 



Comments (4)

  1. Robin Foster

    It looks beautiful Taneya! I have got to find time to browse!!!! I love taking pictures of different libraries too.

  2. taneya (Post author)

    Thank you Robin! I enjoy going through all the books and love that they are online. 🙂

  3. Josette

    Thank you…will browse through while relaxing this weekend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…

  4. magda

    What a great idea for resources.

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