Driving the Train

Today, Obama took  his train ride from Philadelphia to DC.  I watched some of the footage online and while looking at it thought about my uncle.  He drives for Amtrak and has in the past driven the route that Biden would take from Delaware to DC.  He’s talked to Biden on occasion and tells our family that he is quite down to earth. 

Then, I realized I have a blog post worth doing as last year my uncle was in Locomotive magazine.  It was a special issue that came out in late 2007 I believe, and he is featured on page 9 with the following picture. 


At the time this picture was taken,  he was driving near Midway, NJ at 125 mph along the Northeast Corridor route, the route that Obama took today.  Time to put this magazine issue away with my genealogy items before I lose it again. Bad enough I had to think about where it was so I could do this post.  🙂

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  1. Tracy Shields

    That is so cool, Taneya! It’s amazing the connections we have between our pasts and the larger world.

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