Easy Ways to Create Citations

During the Genea-Blogger games, one of the categories involved learning how to properly format and use citations.  Though I cite correctly in my professional life, when it comes to genealogy, I’d been very laid back, so this gave me an opportunity to start to clean up my citations in my trees.

While doing this, I used two tools to help make the formatting part easy – Worldcat & EasyBib.

WorldCat – is an online database of what libraries all over the world have in their collections. Therefore, if there is a book you are trying to track down, this is one of the best sources to consult.  Previously, I’ve blogged about the Lists feature, which I find very helpful.  But the citation feature was particularly helpful for this category of the games.  When you do a search in Worldcat and retrieve a record, there is a link that you can use to get the citation of that book (or item) formatted for you in multiple ways.

When you select “Cite this Item,” you then get a pop-up screen that lists the citation for you in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard & Turabian styles. All you then have to do is copy and paste.  It’s great!

The other site I used was particularly usefulfor non-book formats. Need to cite a website? Newspaper article? Some other format? EasyBib comes to the rescue.

EasyBib – uses a fill-in-forms to create your citation.  It is free if you want MLA style, but costs 7.99/year for the MyBibPro if you want APA style.  Not a bad price, but for my genealogical needs, not worth it. I’m okay with MLA.  🙂

The first step with EasyBib is select what type of format you have -they offer over 50 to choose from, including podcasts, blogs, letters, comics, and more.

Once you select a format, you are given fields to fill-in and you only have to fill-in what you know. So, no worries if there is a part of the citation for which you don’t know.  Then, there is also a section you can click on to expand the form if you retreived to document the method in which you found it – online?  an abstracts journal? Just select your source

There are also several other tools and features on the EasyBib site.  If you register you can share your lists, and use some of the other features.  They even offer a widget you can put on your website to create your citations without even having to go to the EasyBib website. That’s coolness!

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  1. Sheri Fenley

    What great finds! Very useful tools for those of us who are citation-challenged. LOL Thanks for sharing these with us.
    Sheri Fenley

  2. Neal Taparia

    I am one of the co-founders of EasyBib. I’m glad that you find our site useful. I wanted to point out that our widget actually directs users to our EasyBib forms. We made it because we thought it would be a fun tool!

    I’d be happy to provide you as well as five of your readers a MyBibPro premium account. We’d love to hear your feedbacks and thoughts!

  3. A. Spence

    Bless you. I’m still learning citations, so anything to make the process easier is a plus!

  4. Tonia

    Thanks for the EasyBib site! Excellent reference that I’m sure to put to good use.

  5. M. Diane Rogers

    I’ve used WorldCat a lot, but not any of the ‘bibliography makers’. EasyBib looks very useful so I too will try it out. Thanks for the info, Taneya.

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