I’m Featured on Treelines.com!

Have you used Treelines.com yet?  I would highly suggest checking it out – it’s a great site that allows you to create visually interesting stories.  I learned about the site after learning that the site developer, Tammy Hepps, had won the 2013 Rootsweb Developer Challenge.  Ever-so-ready to explore new tools, I quickly signed up for an account and created my first story – one about what sparked my interest in my Koonce ancestors.

From my early use, I knew right away that I would like this site.  Particularly, how it makes story-telling accessible.  After RootsTech’s emphasis on storytelling this year, I realized while I share information here on my blog, I wasn’t doing well in the “storytelling” aspect, so I appreciated being able to use Treelines to do so.

Then, last week, I was contacted by Tammy who asked if I’d be interested in being profiled – so of course I said yes!  You can check out the interview on the Treelines blog.

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  1. Kay Lynn

    Very interesting story about your Lewis “Christopher Columbus” and I see what you mean by a visual story. I had never heard of Treelines until this morning when I read your blog. It’s definitely a site that I will save as a “favorite”. Thanks for the heads up! Oh, and congrats! I still don’t know when you have time to do all that you do!!!
    Kay Lynn

  2. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks for the comment Kay Lynn. Definitely check Treelines out – it is an interesting and fun way to visualize stories. And, I don’t know where I get the time to do all I do either! 🙂

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