Flooded Cemetery

Earlier today while reading a colleague’s blog, I came across a link to pictures showing some of the devastation from Hurricane Ike.  I was moved by many of the pictures, especially these of a cemetery.

I’m not sure if both pictures are from the same cemetery, but the second picture is from the Hollywood Community Cemetery in Orange, Texas.   I looked to see if there were any online transcriptions.  At FindAGrave, there are about 20 names listed.    The USGenWeb page for Orange County has a listing up and I learned that it is an African-American cemetery.  Internment.net does not have any.

I truly hope there are members of the community that may have time in the future to help restore the cemetery. I am sure they have a lot of cleanup to do for those that live in the community and my thoughts are with them.

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  1. A. Spence

    I hope so too. I saw the pictures the other day but didn’t know it was an African-American cemetery.

  2. Amy

    There’s something very, very sad about a flooded cemetery. I share your hope that the cemetery will be restored.

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