Genetic Genealogy

My genetic genealogy adventures began in September 2011.  Around that time, 23andMe initiated their Roots to the Future program.  The goal of that program was to get 10,000 persons of African-descent to get their DNA tested as a means for the company to increase the number of such persons in their database.  As such, they were giving away kits for free.  So, I tested, as well as several members of my family:

  • my mother, her brother (my uncle) and a 1st cousin of theirs
  • my father and a nephew of his (my 1st cousin)
  • my sister
  • a 3rd cousin of mine on my mother’s side of the family
  • my husband
  • my husband’s grandmother
  • my stepmother
  • my stepfather
  • a suspected VERY distant cousin 

In Fall 2014, I did the autosomal DNA test with AncestryDNA.  

To help with analyzing DNA matches, I have created chromosome maps and triangulation files so that I can tag my DNA from specific ancestors and organize my cousins by our common ancestors.   

As I post on the outcomes of the testing, I decided to create this page to serve as an organized summary of what I’ve learned so far. If you’d like to keep up with my posts specifically on Genetic Genealogy, then please subscribe to the RSS feed

DNA Characteristics

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Logistics of DNA Testing