Happy Birthday Calvin!

I missed posting this yesterday, but yesterday would have been my uncle Calvin’s 49th birthday. He died back in 1994, but was my mother’s youngest brother and the baby of the crew. While I did not know Calvin all that well growing up, when I was about 13, he moved back in with my grandmother and I got to know him much better from then until he died. My mother tells some funny stories about him. Yesterday, I asked mommy to tell me a story that I did not know. Apparently, when they were all younger, if Grandma was oversleeping on a Sunday, Calvin would go try and wake her up so they could go to church. Mommy and her other two brothers hated that because the wanted to sleep in!

Genealogy wise, I still need to order his death certificate and get a picture of his grave site. I do have his birth certificate and newspaper obituary.

Happy Birthday Calvin Earl Robinson – January 18, 1958 – January 11, 1994.