I Love Public Libraries

In my last post, I talked about my trip to the Evansville Public Library. This weekend, I visited my public library for my newest project 🙂

I received the first three rolls of microfilm that I ordered for the Roanoke Beacon. This is a newspaper for Washington County, NC where my maternal grandmother and her family/ancestors are from. On Sunday, I went to my public library to start looking at the microfilm and the information I’ve learned so far has been extremely interesting. I am creating an online index to the items in the paper that I think have the most local and genealogical import, so it will be a selective index. I created the database last month and have used another genealogist’s transcription to help finalize the fields. I have entered three issues worth of information and I already can tie certain individuals to the more prominent history makers in Plymouth. I have found news items on black people, marriage notices that were not listed in the county’s official records, and so many other cool things. Fascinating indeed!