I’m Running for USGenWeb National Coordinator

usgenweb logoWhenever I tell the story of how I got involved in doing family history research, an important element to that story is how much help I gained from the Washington County, North Carolina USGenWeb site. It was such a tremendously valuable resource as I was getting started with my family history that I knew I too had to become part of this project.  The USGenWeb Project is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who give their time to provide FREE genealogy resources for us all to use. The information you can find on each of the 3,000+ counties and parish websites (there is one site for each county/parish in the US) varies widely and you never know what tidbits of information you will find.

I’ve been a volunteer in the project for 11 years and currently hold a few leadership positions. This year, I decided to go for the top leadership position; I am running for the position of USGenWeb National Coordinator, and I would love your support! The USGenWeb National Coordinator (NC) manages the day-to-day happenings of the project and is the public representative. It is a 1-year appointment and the NC works collaboratively with the USGenWeb Advisory Board, along with continuous input from state and county coordinators, to move the project forward.

While only the volunteers within the project can vote, I would love your support if you’ve ever found a USGenWeb site helpful for your research. You can send an email to the coordinator(s) of the states/counties/parishes where you have research interests and see if they may be willing to vote for me.

Voting starts in July so keep your fingers crossed!


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  1. Gary lowe

    Best wishes. You’ll be a good one.

  2. nada62

    Taneya, this is all kind of a surprise for me! As you know, I’ve been using the GenWeb sites for my counties of interest for YEARS, and I count them among my most valued resources for genealogy research. I have submitted a few items, over the years, but each time I use the sites, I’m reminded of how much more I’d like to be able to give. I’ve found it a little tricky, though (we can’t chat about that later), and so have only expressed that desire a couple of times – and not recently, at all.

    You will definitely have my support for the position. Best wishes to you, and thanks for all you do!


  3. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks Gary!

  4. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks! I will email you.

  5. John West

    Taneya, you know you have my full support!

  6. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks John! You know I appreciate it! 🙂

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