June’s Database of the Month

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’d established a blogging schedule for myself in order to help me ensure that each of my blogs received at least a little bit of love throught the month.  I used this schedule all through the month of June and it has worked well for me.  I have not posted *every* time that I intended to, but regularly enough.

On of the topics that I started was “Feature Friday.”  Feature Friday posts examine a chosen database and I look for blog-specific content. In June, I made the following Feature Friday posts for which I searched in GenealogyBank.

What was most cool about doing this however was that Tom Kemp himself emailed me and commented favorably on my posts.  🙂

This was a great exercise for me.  I also wrote a contribution for the newsletter of the Heritage Genealogical Society. I am a new member of HGS and I thought this would be a valuable way to raise awareness of online resources.  The contribution I wrote was for the Genealogy OnLine column and should be out soon.

For the month of July I plan to do the same exercise. The database this time will be Footnote.

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  1. Allum

    that’s great. I’m still working on what kind of schedule I need to work on. It seems like everytime I find new info, I want to blog it.

    I’ve been a member of the FRSNNC since Dec and have written 2 articles for them regarding research I’ve done on my family and my cousins. Hopefully, they’ll be in the July quarterly.

  2. RootsReading

    Congrats on keeping to your schedule! : )

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