Map of Sangamon County, Illinois

While catching up on some of my blog reading this afternoon, I came across a post on the Upstate NY Genealogy Blog where Mr. Hillenbrand explains that maps from are now part of Ancestry as long as you have a subscription. Well, I do, so I decided to take a look. I’ve only glanced at this site prior to now and because I’ve been working on MC’s genealogy, I decided to see what was available for Illinois, and I found something of interest!

Click here to see it larger. But, this is an excerpt from a 1914 map of Sangamon County. This particular section is the southern part of the county. There in the middle, near the line that is the border between Section 28 and 27 are MC’s family.

In Section 28 is B. Galligan is Bartholomew “Bart” Galligan, her 3rd great-grandfather (he also had some land in Section 29, but that is not shown in my excerpt). In Section 27, very near to him are Joseph Faith and Mary A. Faith – her 2nd great-grandparents. Mary A. Faith (nee Galligan) is Bart’s daughter, and Joseph is her husband. On the other side of the Faith’s is an area called Andrew. In his notes of family history, MC’s grandfather noted that his father and uncle, Clancys, operated a grocery store in Andrew. While I knew they operated a grocery store from their census records, I had not yet looked up where Andrew was – well, now I know! Joseph & Mary’s daughter, Anna Marie, would marry Patrick Clancy Sr. Since I don’t see any Clancy names on the map, my guess is that they lived on the Faith property. This is quite interesting.