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After visiting the Tennessee State Library and Archives again today, I have more information to help me in figuring out the trees for the white families I’m researching. Some of the goodies:

While there, I also looked through the Heritage Books for Martin County, Craven County and Lenoir County. Made copies of a few key pages. However, I have to say that overall, I am quite disappointed with these series of books. They seem to have been mostly done by local genealogy societies in the 80’s and 90’s? My disapppointment with them is the true lack of adequate representation of black familes. Is it b/c the societies decided not to pursue as many black families? Is it because they tried and didn’t get participation from black families? For the Craven County book, the church section did not include black churches! (at least not the two that my families have been going to for the past 70 years. I am truly dismayed. Not sure what to do about it yet….

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  1. Ginger Smith

    Hi Taneya,

    My name is Ginger and I just recently joined the blogging community. So far I have only blogged about the home improvement projects I have been working on. And today I finally figured out how to sort my posts by categories; so now I want to post some genealogy stuff.

    I came across your page when I searched for “genealogy.” I live in NC and see that you are researching NC materials. I regularly visit the NC Archives and do research on Duplin, Sampson, Randolph, Edgecombe, Caswell, and Granville Counties. Currently I am in need of some articles from TN. So I thought maybe we could help each other out? I would be happy to help you find materials in NC records if maybe you could look up some stuff for me at the TN archives? If you are interested please let me know. Or if you would like to share genealogy interests I would like that too. Ok, take care for now. Look forward to hearing from you. Ginger

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