More on the Holloways

In today’s mail I received another Social Security Administration Form OAC-790 that I’d ordered. This was for the sister of my great-grandmother Josephine, as I’ve been trying to fully verify their parents. I have posted before how I found early census records that led me to further confirm Josephine’s parents, but I’d like to take this post to fully document my sources so far for her parents.

I am a fairly certain the Hargett above is a mistake, and yes, the form did have the Tom crosse out just as it’s shown. With this information(minus Dizzer’s OAC-790 which I just received), when I searched in the 1880 census, I looked in Wayne County, North Carolina (see previous post) for a family that had a 20 something year old Polly and a man named Thomas/Tom or David or James. The only family that I found that matched was one that had a Thomas as a head. Perhaps Thomas’ middle name was James? In any case, this does lead me to believe that he went by Thomas(Tom) and Polly Hood was definitely her mom’s maiden name and I feel more comfortable having the 1880 census information as part of my tree.

Is Priscilla a nickname for Polly? Josephine had a sister named Priscilla, so I’m also thinking their mother must have been a Priscilla “Polly” Hood?

Josephine had two other sisters that I know reached adulthood – Louise and Lilla Mae. I plan to follow-up by looking for these additional resources:

– Lilla Mae’s Death Certificate
– Lilla Mae’s SS-5/OAC-790
– Louise’s Death Certificate
– Louise’s SS-5/OAC-790

The problem is, I have to find out when they died!