My #15

I really enjoy Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun assignments.  Sometimes they really give you an opportunity to look at someone in your file who may not get much attention, or at least you haven’t visited in awhile.   So, this week’s assignment was as follows:

1. Figure out the age of your father this year:  my father is 57
2. Divide the # by 4 and round to the nearest whole number:  15
3. Find that person in your files and write 3 facts about them.

My #15 in my file is my maternal grandfather, Herman Robinson.  He was born February 5, 1926 to Lewis Robinson & Lucinda Lennon.

My three facts:

– Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life” was one of his favorite songs. I’ve posted about that before.

– He was born and raised in NY and when my mother moved down south, he pretty much refused to come down because of all that he’d heard about how blacks were treated.  Ultimately, he made on visit down south, around 1983 to visit us. He rode the train down, and spent less than 36 hours before going back home.  He never met his father-in-law either because he wouldn’t travel down south and his father-in-law would not travel up north.

– He was a Steward’s Mate in the US Navy and would never eat in restaurants b/c he knew how badly they handled food.

    My grandfather died December 31, 1986 when I was 12 years old of prostate cancer.