My Digitized Microfilm

My digitized microfilm arrived today and I am ecstatic! This is going to be so much more convenient than making trips to the public library to scan the microfilm. My first batch that I had digitized were issues of newspapers from Kinston, NC and from Plymouth, NC. In fact, in the issue I just finished, I found my first reference to Ft. Barnwell (where my father is from). And, I also found a reference to the Koonce family I mentioned in a previous post.

One thought on “My Digitized Microfilm

  1. Taneya,

    Thanks for the link to the microfilm digitizing company, and the information about the North Carolina newspapers. My ancestors were from Fayetteville and I need to search through those newspapers. I have visited the state archives on several occasions, but never have enough time to search through newspapers. Although I live in Washington, DC, the Library of Congress does not have any of the newspapers that I need to view. Your method appears to be the route I will take, so please let us know how well things go with your newspaper project.

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