My DNA quest begins!

I have previously posted about my husband’s McClellan ancestry and how I wish to do DNA tests to see if there is any match with the white McClellans.  To this end, today, I finally ordered the DNA kit from FamilyTree DNA and the kit will be shipped by week’s end! I’m so excited. To test the proper male descendancy, we are going to test a cousin of my husband’s. I chose the Y25 marker test as a starter. It wasn’t too expensive (especially with the surname group discounts/coupons) and I figured it was a good starting point for the number of generations I’m looking at.  I’ll post more as my experience continues. Now, I need to really do some bona fide DNA genealogy testing research!

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  1. Doyle

    I just set up the site, I am very curious to see if there is anything to distinguish one U.S. line from another. Please, feel welcome to post there. I hope it builds into something useful.

  2. Dani

    Hi Taneya. I’m looking for some information on black mcclellan’s as well. Maybe you can help me. Can you email me at the above email address? thank you so much
    God Bless

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