My Entry Post for the 2008 GeneaBlogger Games

I have decided to join the Summer 2008 Genea-Blogger Group Games since they are taking late entrants.  I havebeen a member of Facebook for awhile now and am already a  member of the GeneaBloggers FaceBook group, so that is out of the way.

My Flag

For my flag made at WeAreMulticolored, includes elements of the flags from the US, Germany & Egypt. US because that is where I am from. I chose Germany because my surname, Koonce, is of German origin. Despite the fact that I got it from slave owners, I do still identify strongly with it and embrace it (at times to the chagrin of my husband when I don’t use his surname (lol!).  And, I chose Egypt because we hope to visit there soon; it is within our 5 year plan.

Competition Categories

These are the categories I plan to compete in and my goals:

  • [1] Cite Your Sources – this will be a little tricky, so I hope I can carry this out. I use TNG: The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding as my primary genealogy software, and sources are created using an online form template.  Up until now, I have been entering source information pretty much haphazardly, so my goal is to learn how to use it correctly, and in such a way that when the information is converted to narrative format, the sources come out according to how they should be.  I have the 1997 version of Evidence Explained, so I’ll use that as a guide, as well as the How to Cite Sources guide by John Wiley.   I am going for PLATINUM.
  • [3] Organize Your Research — As a librarian, I agree that one can always be more organized! So, I take this challenge on to continue the work with my own files.  I may have to see how subject to interpretation Task F is, I have a few questions. But, at minimum, I am going for DIAMOND.
  • [4] Write, Write, Write – I think I can do this one easily enough except for the carnival hosting. I am going for DIAMOND.
  • [5] Reach Out & Perform Genealogy Acts of Kindness — Going for PLATINUM here too.  I do a lot of this anyway, so I look forward to expanding.

Are 4 categories too ambitious? I’ll have to look and see how many people are competing in all 5 categories.  But, I figure this is a chance for me to get a good genealogy push in before September, when I will be starting classes as I go back to school to pursue another Master’s degree, this time in Public Health w/ a focus in Biomedical Informatics (see my main blog for more details on that).

But, to get started, I have added the Games Badge to my sidebar, and I am about to start a new Google Reader label for all the participants, so I can keep up! I also created a special blog page for keeping track all in one place of what I do. I may not get any work accomplished towards the games themselves here at the end of Day 1.