My New Found Cousin

The past couple of weeks I’ve been more focused on my Koonce genealogy work than anything else.  Ever since having that flurry of Koonce activity, I’ve just been caught up in it.  I have decided to do a new blog devoted to chronicling my quest to research and findings; not just of my own Koonce line, but for Koonce’s in general – my very own Koonce surname project I suppose.  Since I’ve been so busy with school and work however, I don’t expect to begin any real efforts towards it until late summer.

But, I did have a great week this week in that I was contacted by a new cousin! She commented on my Ancestry tree and we believe that our respective Robinson (of Columbus County, NC)  ancestors were brothers.  We don’t have any concrete proof yet, but are building up a theory based on several things such as proximity, shared names in the family, ages, etc.

My Robinson line stems from William Robinson, born about 1830  North Carolina.  William married Rebecca Toon and they would have at least 9 children, their youngest being my great-grandfather, Louis “Christopher Columbus” Robinson.

Yolanda’s line stems from John Robinson, born about 1842 who married Matilda Toon.  John and Matilda, or Tilly, would have at least 7 children. Their son Nathaniel is her great-grandfather.

We suspect that John & William’s parents were Bob (born about 1800) and Hagar (born about 1815).  John had a son named William and William had a son named John.  Both men had sons named Nathaniel.  In 1880, the two families are only a few households away from each other.

We are in the process of exchanging information and pictures, so I’m looking forward to learning more.