My New Genealogy Membership

Back during the genealogy games I joined the genealogy society for my area, the Middle Tennesse Genealogical Society.  This week, I received my new member packet with a welcome letter an issue of their journal, the Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy & History.  This society covers almost 40 counties in the middle tennesse region. 

In the issue of the journal I received (Volume 22, Number 1, Summer 2008) there are several articles.  These include:

  • a biography of Dr. Charles Frost Pickering, D.D.S.  Looks like Dr. Pickering graduated from my employer, Vanderbilt University in 1915.  He was associated with Vanderbilt Medical Center!
  • accounts as published in the July 7, 1860 issue of the People’s Paper, a newspaper of Manchester County, Tennessee
  • transcriptions of letters of Walter and Fanny Keeble written during his service from 1861 to 1863.  Hmmm…Keeble is a name that is part of Blount County, TN where I coordinate the USGenWeb/TnGenWeb site. I wonder if there is a connection?
  • a biographical sketch of John Bartleson, a soldier in the Mexican-American War. 
  • abstracts from the Southern Claims Commission for some individuals from Davidson County that were deemed loyalists and received payment.  Footnote has some SCC files online, but the ones in the journal in this issue come from rolls that have not yet been filmed. 
  • An article about TN Delayed Birth Records prior to 1908. I’m not sure I knew about these, so I’m adding them to my to-do list next time I visit the State Archives. 
  • A petition to the state legislation in 1841 against Thomas Durham of Sumner County.
  • Information on the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Schedules of the 1880 TN Census — part of the non-population schedules.  Again, something else I am not familiar with.
  • Family bible records of the White-Campbell Family
  • Index to Pardons and Paroles from TN State Prisons, 1904-1925. 
  • A quarterly update from librarians at the TSLA. I did not know there were plans for a new facility in a few years.
Overall, very interesting. I’m glad to have joined! The society offers all the past issues of the newsletter for the past 20 years on CD so I may look into ordering that one day. They also sell an all name index.  As I look through their website again today, I see they have a couple of upcoming workshops.  I hope that I may be able to find time to attend one soon; it looks like they bring in some experienced presenters to help teach.  

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  1. Sheri

    Taneya, hello! I love reading your blog and I have tagged you with the ‘I Heart Your Blog’ award. The details are on my blog, TwigTalk. Love the new blog. It is beautiful.

  2. Colleen

    Well it looks like Sheri beat me to it, but I nominated you too! Keep up the great work!

  3. A. Spence

    That’s great. I love getting my information from FRSNNC every quarter.

    Since you already have 2 nominations..i won’t nominate you. But, I still heart your blogs!

  4. Sue Tolbert

    “I Heart Your Blog” too!! It is great!

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