Negro Week in Edgecombe

The September 20, 1898 issue of the Charlotte Observer featured an article titled: “Negro Week in Edgecombe: Black Republican Convention.”

As was often the case with some of these older articles, this is the overall synopsis– “Not a White Man in the Crowd — This is the set the White population are fussing with and putting in power — Lee Person, a notorious Black politician makes incendiary speeches — Tarboro still has a good police — Northhampton’s negro coroner, who is out for the stuff.”

I came across this article while browsing GenealogyBank tonight and had to read it.  My g-g-g-grandmother was named Mariah WImberly McNair and I suspect the local politician Dred Wimberly was her brother (see previous posts on Dred).  Since this article was about the right time frame as when he was in service, I took a closer look and sure enough he is mentioned. The article notes that although he was seemingly “master of ceremonies” someone else won the NC Senate seat.

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Then, when I kept reading, I also saw mention of Turner Prince, whom I posted very briefly about last week as there is a community in Edgecombe County named after him, Princeville.  This article notes that Turner served as a state magistrate.

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I need to read this article more in-depth. This is why I love newspapers!

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  1. Tom Kemp

    I am so glad that you found that. Terrific information. I am amazed at what I have found in newspapers too.

    My 2 ggfather – William Kemp pretty much never left town – but news articles about him appeard all over the country in the 1800s. Seems that he was very active in the Methodist church – and took it seriously. So much so that he would stand up in Sunday church meetings and dispute the minister’s sermon. The final outcome was that the minister was “excommunicated” for preaching “false doctrine” – and here we thought Willliam was just a quiet “gardener” all those years. 🙂

    Newspapers are a terrific source.
    It’s a great day for genealogists.

    the “Father” of

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