New for 2008 – My Genealogy Activities Synopsis

In the spirit of The Geneaholic, I’ve decided to keep a short list of my genealogy activities. Sometimes, the fruits of my work end up posted to the blog, but more often than not, I’ll find that I spend time working on something and not post about it. Also, I think it would be helpful for me to have a month-by-month breakdown of what I’ve worked on genealogically, in addition to my more in-depth blog posts. So, in that vein, I’m starting a series of posts title Genealogy Activities Synopsis.

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  1. Randy Seaver

    Hi Taneya,

    Your monthly synopsis is a great idea! I assume that you are going to add to it for the whole month and the result will be a record of your work.

    I enjoy your blog and have recommended it to several of my genealogy colleagues here in the Chula Vista area.

    Happy 2008 — Randy

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