New Look for Genealogy Site

At the beginning of this year, I updated the theme on this blog. Now I have just finished updating the look for my main genealogy site as well. I use TNG: The Next Generation for my site and find it to be a perfect match for what I need in a genealogy program.

Up until this week, there were only 7 choices to select from for your site theme, unless you wanted to take that task on yourself. I don’t know CSS very well, and have not wanted to try and merge the site into a content management system just yet, so this was my old theme. This week, a new theme was offered and I just finished applying it to my site. I actually think it goes very well with my current blog theme.


You can click on the picture above to go to my site. 

With this new theme, there were only a few things I tweaked in order to customize it. I changed the words across the top “Our Genealogy Site” to be hyperlink to the front page;  I customized the image that runs across the top with pictures from our own family; I like the Random Photo feature — the interesting thing is that I have so many genealogies (both family, non-family, and special projects), that a visitor may find themselves wonderign questions such as “What in the world does Commodore Vanderbilt have to do with Taneya?  (explanation here);  I put my same custom links on the front page. When I visit other TNG pages, I often find myself wanting to know explicitly, that person’s tree and many times I don’t see that. So, it was important to me to put my specific tree on the front page.  Then, I use the other links as starting points whenever I’m working on some of the other genealogies.  It’s much easier to have the direct link than use the search or surname browse and then go to their specific tree.  And, I added a graphic to lead over here to the Genealogy Blog that I created at


This and a trip to the state archives yesterday is as much genealogy as I’ve done this weekend; too busy playing Dance Dance Revolution!

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  1. RootsReading

    Love the new look!

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