New Photo of 3rd Great-Grandmother’s Sister

I just love making connections! Earlier this week, I received an email from another newly-found cousin.  Her great-grandmother, Mary Donald Allen (1858-1916) was a sister to my 3rd great-grandmother, Violetta Donald Kilpatrick (1860-1933).  My cousin Rose and I have had a chance to speak and learn more about each others families and I am so thrilled to start learning more about her branch of my family. As we exchanged information, Rose shared with me a picture her family has and I am so thrilled! This is understood to be a photo of Mary Donald Allen  – my ancestor’s sister!

There is no inscription on the back to document it is Mary, but Mary’s daughter Florence has always told the family it was a picture of her own mother. How beautiful!

Mary and Violetta’s parents – Stephen Donald and Susan Bryant Donald, are suspected to have Native-American heritage. So far, I’ve not fully-researched this potential, but it certainly is an area that could be further investigated. I am just tickled to have a copy of this picture! My own ancestor, Violetta, also had long hair like Mary and Mary’s family. So, to see this picture is just mind-blowing. 

How did Rose find me? Internet searching. Again, another testament to the importance of sharing your family trees online and for researching collateral families. 

Thank you so much Rose for this outstanding picture. 

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  1. Wendelynn Gunderson

    There’s nothing as exciting as that moment we see the faces of our ancestors, is there? Lucky girl!

  2. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    You’ve got that right Wendy! Thanks 🙂

  3. msualumni

    Taneya, congratulations! I live for connections like this. I think I would have fainted when I saw the picture;) Good stuff. Will you be at NGS in Richmond in May? I’d love to finally meet in person.

  4. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks Robyn! And no, I won’t be at NGS. May is a crazy busy month for me family and work wise 🙂

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