Smartphone Compatible

Oooh – this is the ultimate of cool.  Okay, so I spent my Thanksgiving night in complete geekdom, but I’m loving it! Tonight, I made one of my websites smartphone compatible!

One of my genea-duties (is that a word?) is serving as the webmaster for the NCGenWeb project.  I became webmaster in July and have really enjoyed it and come to know so much more about the state since beginning.  Tonight, as I worked on various web tasks for our project, I had a thought — I should see if I can make the site compatible for a smartphone.  I thought about this as I was playing with my own new smartphone, a Motorola Droid that I got the day it came out on November 6th – that thing is just downright sexy.   🙂

So, I looked for a plugin since I have the site in WordPress, quickly found one, and in 5 minutes had made the site iPhone, Droid, Palm Pre, etc. compatible.  How many times can I say that I just love WordPress!  Check out the video clip I made on what it looks like.

I can’t wait to make all my other WordPress sites mobile compatible as well, including this one!  Tell me, do you use smartphones for genealogy? Tell me in this survey!

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  1. Ginger Smith


    When we unveiled the new Durham-Orange County, North Carolina Genealogical Society Website that you helped me create back in March I noticed several older — translation: retired, members accessing the site from their smartphones during the presentation! I was shocked! I have a smartphone myself and I had never even accessed it from my own phone before!

    Thanks for sharing…I’m off to add this to my site and to the Durham County, NC site now…PS…I played with the Droid this weekend. Are you still loving it? Unfortunately I have AT&T, so to get a Droid would require me to switch service providers.


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