Technology Tuesday: Awesome New Tab Page

Last week, in the Facebook group Technology for Genealogy, Thomas MacEntee shared a link to a article about the Chrome extension, Awesome New Tab page. Since iGoogle is going away, this could be a possible replacement. 

I’ve never really been a user of iGoogle – though, I did have a page configured. I never really cared all that much for the look and feel of it. However, I did like it for accessing my Google Bookmarks (which I am in the process of switching to Chrome Bookmarks).  I tended to mostly  just use the apps view of Chrome as my default homepage. But, I decided to give Awesome New Tab a twirl and I’m so glad I did!

click to enlarge

This is my current new tab configuration. I have easy access to my favorite websites & Chrome Web apps, all creating a colorful display.  As the MakeUseOf article states, it is “ longer just icons.” 

I have set it so upon Chrome launch, this comes up + a page for my gmail – this is a timesaver for me.  The images you see can either be from the Web Store, added yourself, or even use a screenshot. 

I love the access to many Google services all from the green box near the top left corner.  That box is bordered by several small icons for Google services – including Reader, News, Drive, Play, Picasa, YouTube, Google Image Search, Google News, and so many more!

I’ve not configured all the spaces (the black spaces) and that gives me room to grow. Additionally, I can drag the page to the right if I want more space. There is an icon already marked for the Chrome Web Store to get more to add and I’m going to enjoy myself the next few weeks getting everything finalized. 

With this very Windows 8 look, Awesome New Tab page is quickly becoming my new best friend. 🙂


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  1. Miriam Robbins

    I’ve had problems getting the apps to show in my lists after I download them. I can’t get Wikipedia or Google Maps (both specific ANTP downloads) to show up on the apps or widgets lists in order to add them to my ANT page. They do, however, show up in my extensions list. Have you had any problems?

  2. taneya (Post author)

    Miriam – I have had the same problem actually. I have not yet gone searching for an answer, but if I find one, I will let you know.

  3. MarshaLan

    I downloaded and configured it today. It’s just what I was looking for and works better for me than iGoogle. Thanks for highlighting this.

  4. Magda (@GenealogyWorks)

    Does it work with Windows 7 ?? It seems like a great way to everything in one place at the start……

  5. Claudia

    Thanks for the post on the ANTIP. I use iGoogle for my blog updates and am sad to see its demise. I hope this will be a good replacement.

  6. taneya (Post author)

    Hi Claudia – you’re welcome! Give it a whirl and see what you think. That’s the best way to evaluate it. 🙂

  7. Diane Hewson

    Awsome!!!! I really must have a go at doing this.

  8. taneya (Post author)

    glad you liked the post Diane!

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