This is addicting

Now that I have worked out the format for how I want to do these newspaper transcriptions, this is addicting! I started on another paper – the Talladega Daily Home of Talladega, Alabama. A few months ago, I ordered one roll of microfilm covering the last half of 1961 as I was looking for the obit of Kalonji’s great-grandfather. So, I have started with that one. I plan to now order the earliest available as I like to start at the beginning 🙂

More people should do this really! It is quite fun to read through these old newspapers. While I know I’ll never get all the content up that I’d ideally like, I feel like every little bit counts! The new blog is listed on my sidebar of links.

And, I’m not done yet! I can think of at least two other newspapers that I want to work with, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to order microfilm. Thanks goodness for the microfilm scanners at my public library! Working with digital files are so much easier than dealing with printouts. And, it’s free to use the scanners!