Tombstone Tuesday: Filling in Our Find-A-Grave Entries

Sunday afternoon I was reading Susan Petersen’s post on her Long Lost Relatives blog about how to make the most use of Find-A-Grave.  It’s a useful article and while I do most of what she discusses, as I read it, I was inspired to create the memorial for my grandmother that just passed away on Mother’s Day.

So, I went ahead and created hers, then realized I did not have memorials for her mother, nor three of her brothers – all have predeceased her.  I was busy Sunday afternoon creating them, then linking the family together.

Now, she and all her brothers are there and linked to their parents, Abraham Lincoln McNair Sr. and Martha Jane Walker McNair and each has pictures added.

I am so glad I’ve done this.   I have more family members to add of course, but it was important that I do her family cluster right away.  With her passing, all of their children have now died.

Part II – There is another part I need to add onto my original post.  I wrote this Sunday, but Monday morning when I logged onto my email I had another tombstone treasure — someone was nice enough to send me a picture of my 2nd great-grandmother’s headstone that he’d taken! This is the headstone for Polly Hood Holloway.  I was tickled pink!


I then went over to Find-A-Grave to see if she had a memorial and sure enough someone else had added it and an picture back in November.  See, Susan is right – you must go back to review regularly! Thank you Susan for the inspiration.

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  1. Mavis

    I love Find-a-Grave. One of the first things I try to do when a relative dies is create a memorial for them.

  2. Liv

    Oh WOW Taneya! You and Susan Petersen have truly given me a reason to start using Find-A-Grave more than I have before! I’ve been reading and reviewing your McNair Memorial and it is WONDERFUL! My father passed away, 7 Feb 2010 and now would be the ideal time to create a memorial at Find-A-Grave in his honor (hopefully I can get it done by Father’s Day). Again, thank you for all the excellent information you provide and share via your genealogy blog and social networks!

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