Trekking through Tarboro

This blog post is part of a series about my trip to Plymouth, NC for the 44th Annual McNair Family Reunion.

In first two posts of the series l described how I stopped in Rocky Mount while on the way to Plymouth. Next on the agenda was to see Tarboro. The reason I wanted to visit Tarboro is because my grandmother Alice was born there in 1924. Unfortunately I do not have a location for where her family lived, but I thought I would at least see what Tarboro looks like.

my grandmother’s birth certificate

Finding Main Street was easy enough and it looks so quaint 🙂 Much like I imagined a small town Main Street to be. Perhaps my great – grandparents walked these streets? 

view of Main street in Tarboro, NC

While there, I also took a few pictures to help with my NC genealogy projects. One picture I took was the historical marker for George H. White, a contemporary of my family member, Dred Wimberly,  as he also served in the North Carolina Senate. 

historical marker for George H. White

My visit to Tarboro didn’t last too long – it really was a brief drive-through. I wanted to quickly get going so that I could have plenty of time for the reunion. But, this did inspire a few more avenues for me to continue my research so I will start working on those leads. 

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  1. Winston Douglas Edwards

    Thank you cousin Taneya wow.You have done a wonderful thing.I see by cousin Alice your Grandmother and My Mother Cousin Gertrude Pierce,Edwards Bonded so closely.They both was born in 1924.I better play the year in the win 4 daily #.Great Job You are Doing.LOL to you and Family.Amen

  2. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks! Yes, they were certainly two peas in a pod weren’t they 🙂

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