Union City High School – 1972 Yearbook

One day while in a goodwill store last year, I came across a 1972 yearbook from Union City High School in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee. This yearbook belonged to one of the students as it has all kinds of signatures, etc. So, I bought it because the genealogist in me wanted to submit the information from it somewhere some day. However, I’d done nothing with it. So, last month, Randy had a post where he put up some information from a yearbook that had been given to him and it inspired me.

So, I will begin a series of articles posting content from the yearbook and I’ll be submitting the URLs to the Obion County, TN USGENWEB pages so others can find it too hopefully.

1972 Senior Class (click on last name to see picture)

Next post — Senior class officers….

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