Using Evernote and Trello

Approximately 18 months ago I started using Evernote; that is, seriously using it. It took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon because I am a Google Drive user and I found GDrive to be meeting my needs. At the same time though, I wanted to make sure I knew how to use Evernote and use it well.

I am happy to say that the experiment has been quite successful! I use Evernote now religiously for capturing all notes at work. The ability to search past notes had been a value for sure. I also use it for our homeschooling and extra educational activities for the kids. And of course, I use it for my genealogy. I have many notebook stacks that help me keep my material organized, and I appreciate being able to access it from the web as well as all my computing devices. When Evernote added automatic syncing across devices, it made life all the easier! Next year, I may look more closely into the Penultimate feature and explore using a stylus, but my concern with that is having a mix of handwritten vs. typed notes. Not sure I want the two to mix. The Smart Notebook also intrigues me.

Trello – example board

During my time with Evernote I have had an increasing need for more complex project management and while bulleted lists and checklists are great, I have found myself wanting more. More visual ways to see what I have coming up to do, and better ways to keep track of when I did them.

I have tried using several different “to-do list” apps but not stuck with them for I have not been able to establish a flow. I have now decided to look into Trello for my project management needs as it looks more sophisticated than some of what I have tried. I already have an account and have started to list my projects. I am excited by the potential and really hopes that it does work for me as well as Evernote has. I will post later and let you know how it turns out. 🙂

If you are using it I would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Miriam Robbins

    I use both Evernote and Trello. I love that Trello has repeating tasks! I use it a lot for household tasks, but also for my ProGen homework. Another tool I have recently started using is Orkanizer, a free program that times your tasks. It is based on the Pomodoro technique. You can find out more at and

  2. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Thanks Miriam! I’ll have to look into Orkanizer. Thanks for the links.

  3. Lisa

    I like the look of Trello and plan to give it a try. It looks like just what I have been needing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Sounds great Lisa. Hope it works for you.

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