Various Genealogy Things

Over the past week, I have done various genealogy activities:

  • I indexed notices from three issues of the Free Press newspaper of Kinston (Lenoir County), North Carolina and four issues of the Roanoke Beacon Newspaper 0f Plymouth (Washington County), North Carolina. Found some very interesting notices too and decided to submit a few items from other parts of the state to some USGENWEB county pages, since I don’t include them in my database. Who knows whom it may help one day?
  • I worked on the family tree of my stepmother. After finding one of her elusive ancestors in a couple of census records (though, I still can’t find him in a couple more), I decided to call her aunt and ask a few questions. She gave me some great family stories.
  • I scanned in some certificates that I have in a pile from having ordered them, but not scanned or filed them. I still have many more, but I know I’ll slowly make my way through them.

Most of this activity has been focused during the past two days. During the week, I hadn’t really done too much b/c I’m trying to get a routine going with exercising and so I end up doing other things. I’m overall happy with how much I’ve gotten done this week.

Tonite, I am starting to put together the Koonce Family Tree. As I do this, I’m staring to question why I am interested in the one particular Koonce group that I am – there are so many! I’m going to have to write up my theory so I can document my reasoning/hypotheses. This is definitely going to be complicated.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’d like to just get as much of these trees done as I can so that my next trip to the TN State Archives will be just as fruitful as my last trip!