Veteran’s Weekend Trip to the Nashville National Cemetery

This Veteran’s day I did not have a chance to blog about any veterans in my family, so I decided to honor the holiday differently.  I visited the Nashville National Cemetery yesterday and took pictures using the BillionGraves app.

In two hours I was able to take more than 800 photos – amazing.  Now, my work is done – the images are uploaded to the site and others are already transcribing them.  This is why I love BillionGraves – it is just too easy to be a contributor.  I even had the kids helping again 🙂

Kaleya clears leaves in preparation for Jihad's photo-taking

Kaleya takes a picture

I wish I could share the map of the cemetery too and where I took pictures, but I had to add it to the BillionGraves database and it has not yet been added to the website.  However, here is a snapshot of my dashboard as of the end of the day today.  My next goal will be to hit 2000 pictures before the year is out.

My BillionGraves Dashboard as of 11/13/11


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  1. Russ Worthington


    Awesome. Thanks for the reminder. I just made sure I have the up to date version on my smart phone and need to get outside. I think a trip to a local cemetery is in the works for this afternoon.

    Thank you,


  2. Sue (@geneasue)

    Great job Taneya!

  3. taneya (Post author)

    thx Sue!

  4. W David samuelsen

    Hopefully the cemetery caretakers don’t drive you out. There had been reports of other national military cemeteries not allowing the photographing. Los Angeles National – caretakers will order you out. Has to be sneaky to get any done.

    The photos are not added to database until you enter the names and dates on each record.

    Hopeful you will bother to doublecheck for duplicates. There are too many duplicates and even triplicates in lately because no one bother to check.

  5. Taneya Koonce (Post author)

    Hi David – to continue 🙂 — Yes, I understand the photos are not added until names and dates are entered, but the great thing is that I didn’t have to do it – because it’s crowdsourced – others did it! It has been my experience that my contributions are transcribed within a week or so and thus are added pretty quickly. Plus, by splitting the transcription and the photo uploading tasks those that for one reason or another cannot get out to visit cemeteries themselves can still contribute to the overall effort. I personally do double-check for duplicates – that is one way the geo-maps come in as being handy; they make it easier to tell what has been photographed already – even for myself. I still plan to go back to that national cemetery to continue taking pics and b/c I can see all my pics overlaid on the cemetery, I will be able to pick back up easily. If you find duplicates it is easy to report them to BillionGraves, and Find-A-Grave also has duplicates. No one system is going to be perfect. But, for my time and interests, I prefer to try and help BillionGraves.

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