Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to the new blog location!

I decided to move my blog to my own web server so please update your links and bookmarks accordingly. Why the move?

  • I needed additional flexibility in the look of my blog. When hosted on WordPress’s site, I am limited to small selection of themes. Now, I have hundreds to choose from!
  • I also wanted to use my own web server. Since I am paying for the space, I might as well use it
  • Now that I’m self-hosted, I can incorporate all kinds of neat functions that I couldn’t do on wordpress.com

Apparently, I chose a perfect time to do this too.  WordPress just released a new version of the software, and they unveiled a directory to select themes. The installation was also very easy. I still have some work to do in updating links, but I plan to move some of my other blogs first and then do that.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Taneya,

    It looks good! I’ve been fooling around with some changes to mine; WordPress isn’t exactly easy! But soon, I’ll roll out something. So how many blogs do you have?!

  2. I was doing some computer work and ran into your research regarding the Herschel V Cashin family. I just finish
    Sheryll Cashin’s book book “The Agitator’s Daughter: A Memoir of four generations of one extraordinary African-American Family.” Great read. She is coming to north Alabama for book signings in about a week or so.
    kathlucky at bellsouth dot net

  3. I am researching my Princeville and Tarboro connections. I was born in Tarboro; my father’s people, the Battles, were from Tarboro. I am interested if there is a connection between the white and slave connections. Your resources will provide some promising leads as I continue my search. Thank you.

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