Wordless Wednesday: I Loved This Dress

Another not so wordless post for Wordless Wednesday


Who:  Me 🙂

What:  Showing off my favorite dress – I LOVED THIS DRESS!

Where:  Roswell suberb outside of Atlanta, Georgia where we were living at the time.

When: Late spring 1989, end of my 9th grade year

Why:  Evening choir concert for my choir at school. I was at home waiting for a classmate to pick me up. My mother couldn’t take me becuase her car was acting up at the time, so I was going to be there by myself.  Well, much to my joy, while performing, I looked in the audience and Mommy was there! I was so happy.  On the way home though, the car did almost threaten to turn itself off. 🙂

More info than you care about:  this same dress was worn by actress Malinda Williams in the 1999 movie, The Wood.  The kids were at a school dance and I tripped out when I saw they had this dress for her!

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  1. Dorene

    Darling dress!!

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