Quiet Christmas in Plant City (1902)

The following article appeared in the January 4, 1902 issue of the Afro-American Ledger newspaper of Baltimore, Maryland.  The following persons are mentioned:  Mary E. JOHNSON, Mr. J.S. HICKS, Rev. R.D. LEWIS, Carrie CLARK, Janie B. JACKSON, Mr. W.J. SIMMONS, Mr. and Mrs. I SIMMONS, Mary E. YORK, R.A. SMITH, and Mrs. Laura BUSBY.


EATON, Thomas – Insane Asylum (1897)

Harry WEAR received a large refrigerator yesterday which is model of convenience and usefulness.  The refrigerator was designed by the negro, Thomas EATON, who, before its completion went insance on account of over attention to the job and has been sent to the asylum.  The job was afterwards finished by two negroes in the employ of Eaton. 

Source: Morning Tribute, 8 Dec 1897.  Available online from the University of Florida