IRWIN, J.T. – Arrested for Speeding (1925)

Tampa Motorist is Held for Speeding

Following an exciting chase covering more than seven miles, from the edge of Bradenton to Sarasota, J.T. IRWIN was arrested by Deputy Sheriff John W. DEAN late last night and charged with speeding 55 miles an hour.  After identifying himself as a Tampa businessman he was released on $50 bond pending hearing before Judge Paul C. ALBRITTON.

DEAN was returning from a visit to Bradenton when he was passed by the roadster being driven by Irwin at a fast rate.  He raced with the man until after they had crossed the Sarasota county line and then overtook him and placed him under arrest.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. 

LABORDE, Alfredo – Traitor is Turned Down (1906)

From the Ottawa Free Trader Newspaper
September 14, 1906

Tampa, Fla. – Sept. 11 — Information from Cuba Monday says that Alfredo LABORDE and a hundred men deserted to the insurgents; that Pino GUERRA, leader of the insurgents, sent LABORDE back to the authorities, saying he did not want such men, but adding that he was grateful for the men and munitions that came with the leader.

LABORDE was charged recently with murder and was placed in jail near Havana.  He offered the government that if he should be paroled he would organize a hundred men and fight for the governement, agreeing to return for trial after the conclusion of his utilities.  His offer was accepted with the result that he deserted with his command to the rebel leader.

LABORDE was prominent as a filibuster for Cuba previous to the Spanish-American war.

LABORDE, Alfredo – Visits the City (1897)

Alfred LABORDE, who was captain of the schooner Competitor and who has gained some notoriety as a prisoner of Cabanas, was in the city yesterday greeting his comrades and old friends.  He left last night for Key West where his family resides.  LABORDE intends suing the Spanish government for $20,000 for injries sustained while in prison.  During LABORDE’s residence in this city, he was a deputy sheriff ,and Sheriff SPENCER was very much elated yesterday to see him again. 

Source: Morning Tribute, 7 Dec 1897.  Available online from the University of Florida

EATON, Thomas – Insane Asylum (1897)

Harry WEAR received a large refrigerator yesterday which is model of convenience and usefulness.  The refrigerator was designed by the negro, Thomas EATON, who, before its completion went insance on account of over attention to the job and has been sent to the asylum.  The job was afterwards finished by two negroes in the employ of Eaton. 

Source: Morning Tribute, 8 Dec 1897.  Available online from the University of Florida