CHRISTOPHER, M.J. – (d. 1899)

CHRISTOPHER, M.J. – Negro Editor Killed – He had Criticised a Police Officer in His Paper. Tampa, Fla., June 24 – M.J. CHRISTOPHER, a negro, who ran a newspaper here, was killed today in a scuffle with Police Officer WOODWARD. WOODWARD last week forcibly vaccinated a negro woman, and CHRISOTPHER caustically criticised the officer in his paper. Today the men met by appointment in a negro restaurant and a fight ensued, the officer beating the negro’s head almost to a jelly with his pistol. The negro pulled his pistol when the officer made his approach, but by some manner it was discharged, the ball taking effect in his abdomen and lodging in his spinal column. The negro population had been notified of the meeting of the two, and a large number of them were on the spot ready for any emergency but when their principal was killed they weakend. – From the Dallas Morning News newspaper of Texas, June 26, 1899.