IRWIN, J.T. – Arrested for Speeding (1925)

Tampa Motorist is Held for Speeding

Following an exciting chase covering more than seven miles, from the edge of Bradenton to Sarasota, J.T. IRWIN was arrested by Deputy Sheriff John W. DEAN late last night and charged with speeding 55 miles an hour.  After identifying himself as a Tampa businessman he was released on $50 bond pending hearing before Judge Paul C. ALBRITTON.

DEAN was returning from a visit to Bradenton when he was passed by the roadster being driven by Irwin at a fast rate.  He raced with the man until after they had crossed the Sarasota county line and then overtook him and placed him under arrest.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive.