RAMSEUR, John – (d. 1898)

RAMSEUR, John – Died in Tampa. Mr. R.S. GRAY received a telegram yesterday morning, announcing the death, in Tampa, Fla., the night before, of Mr. John RAMSEUR, his brother-in-law, and a brother of Mrs. E.T. HENDERSON. The message gave no particulars of Mr. RAMSEUR’s death, other than that he died very suddenly. Deceased moved to Florida some years ago, and had been in Tampa about two years Mr. RAMSEUR married Miss Mollie GRAY. She and two children survive him. Mr. RAMSEUR was about 55 years of age. He was in the employ of the Southern Express Company and was held in high esteem, not only by his employers, but by all who had any dealings, social or commercial, with him. – From the Charlotte Observer newspaper of North Carolina, November 26, 1898.