Cases in the Municipal Court – December 7, 1897

In the police court yesterday morning Judge GRAHAM had before him the following petty offenders:

  • Pelvo MOEIHOLLAY, arrested for fighting, discharged
  • Janie MONY, abusive and profane language, $5
  • The same defendant was fined $3 and costs for fighting
  • John HAWKEYE, charged with the use of profane and abusive language forfeited his $6 bond.
  • R.L. STEPHENS, arrested for fighting, was discharged
  • Lavina NEALY was discharged
  • Willie JONES, larceny of a bicycle, turned over to the state.
  • L. BETANCOREN, riding a bicycle without a light after dark, forfetied a $6 bond. 

Source: Morning Tribute, 7 Dec 1897.  Available online from the University of Florida